New Issue coming soon!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Issue coming soon...

Hello! I've got some news :D
So, the second cycle of RNTM is now over and the winner is maleen122. Congratulations!
There'll be a whole issue about her, the big finale and the new season of RNTM. Here's a little sneek-peak for you what will be in the second issue of the Backstage Magazine:

1. Maleen - the winner of Cycle 2
2. Why Maleen won the second cycle.
3. The Review of the big finale
4. Best of Cycle 2
5. Maleen's future
6. Cycle 3 - Better than ever
7. A new cycle - a new chance

Excited? This issue will be shorter than the first one. It's better this way because then I will have more time to write it and it will be easier to read it, otherwise it would be exhausting. The issue will be about 40 or 50 pages. The issue will appear on the 23rd of June!
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Stay tuned. xoxo Rafi101

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