New Issue coming soon!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Topics for the 5th Issue

The October Issue has been cancelled due there was no time left to finish it (or start properly with it). So there will be an article about Halloween in the November-Issue.

The topics for our next issue of the magazine are:

1. Maria is RNTM Cycle 3!
2. Sparkle Model Management
3. MSW 2011 Winner
4. The truth about Halloween
5. Cursed - A Tale Of Terror
6. Weisswurst - Diamond_VIP's new Topmodel
7. Fall fashion
8. Miss Autumn 2011

There's sure a lot more to come. Stay tuned.
xoxo Rafael

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Little Preview!

Hi guys! The magazine is going to be released 2 weeks after the planned Release-date. Why?
Because the graphic designers and writers left me alone with all the work. So I did the whole issue with miley4live96 and Sweet-Lips112. Nethertheless I will release it today or tomorrow, I am right away to finish everything. Until now, here's a little preview...

Who do you guess is the Covergirl? Little hint: The doll is one of my best friends and comes from belgium. Write in the comments who you guess the covergirl is. The one who finds it out first has the chance to win a modelign spot for the magazine.

By the way, there's also a Facebook Fanpage. So please LIKE us!

xoxo Rafi101 [The Editor]

Thursday, August 25, 2011

September Issue Topics

Hello dear followers and RNTM-Fans!
Here' a little sneak peek for the next issue of our Backstage Magazine. The Topics are...

1. In & Out
2. How to stand out with your style
3. BellaCullen4210 - A rising talent
4. Interview with...
5. Make-Up Tipps for Topmodels
6. Getting closer to the semi-finals
7. Ask Rafael

xoxo Rafi101

Monday, July 18, 2011


The new issue will be released in 3 days - on July 20! Here's a little preview what awaits you on Wednesday:
1) The start of a new cycle
2) The Top 20
3) The big Casting -  Welcome in the callbacks!
4) An interview with...
5) Photoshooting with our Topmodels
6) Model for us!
7) Cycle 3 - What awaits you?
And now I have some awesome news. Our Covergirl will be.... bluegreen86! Stay tuned. xoxo Rafael

Monday, June 20, 2011


Excited for Thursday? In only 4 days the new issue will be released. Until then, enjoy the Cover. :)
See ya on June 23! xxx Rafi101

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Issue coming soon...

Hello! I've got some news :D
So, the second cycle of RNTM is now over and the winner is maleen122. Congratulations!
There'll be a whole issue about her, the big finale and the new season of RNTM. Here's a little sneek-peak for you what will be in the second issue of the Backstage Magazine:

1. Maleen - the winner of Cycle 2
2. Why Maleen won the second cycle.
3. The Review of the big finale
4. Best of Cycle 2
5. Maleen's future
6. Cycle 3 - Better than ever
7. A new cycle - a new chance

Excited? This issue will be shorter than the first one. It's better this way because then I will have more time to write it and it will be easier to read it, otherwise it would be exhausting. The issue will be about 40 or 50 pages. The issue will appear on the 23rd of June!
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Stay tuned. xoxo Rafi101

Saturday, May 21, 2011

1st Issue

Don't blame me for this piece of rubbish. I was young, I was naive and I never thought that I'd publish this magazine seriously. But I thought I should keep this on the blog, just to see my personal improvement and the developement of RNTM.